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Weeknight Groups:

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Philippines • Indonesia
India • Papua New Guinea


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Pandemic Transition

With the easing of pandemic restrictions, we've made a transition to in-person Sunday worship assemblies at our church building. These assemblies will continue to be livestreamed for some time. Please contact us for livestreaming details. We're also gradually starting our Bible classes for children and adults. As the situation remains fluid, please email or phone us for the latest information.


Mission & Benevolence

Home Discovery Groups

During the pandemic, we continued to be involved in various overseas mission points including those in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Papua New Guinea. We’re also involved in helping local charities in Melbourne, like Temcare. As the pandemic eases into 2022, we’re reviewing and restructuring how we undertake missions and benevolence. So lookout for new developments. And talk to Alan and Debby Rowley if you’re keen to help and participate!

email:  info@belmoreroadchurch.org.au

Home DGs meet in various locations on weekday evenings. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been having Zoom gatherings. As restrictions ease, some DGs have started to meet again in-person. If you’re interested to participate in a DG for fellowship, prayer, study, and encouragement, please contact Francis Hooi.

email:  info@belmoreroadchurch.org.au

2022 theme: The Living Word  (1 Peter 1:23)

God’s Word is essentially His message. Christians believe that the Bible is God’s message for us today. It contains stories of God’s people through the ages, including accounts about Jesus by eyewitnesses. When the Bible is read with open hearts, God’s Spirit works to generate in us faith, hope, and love. That’s why God’s Word is living. So why not join us as we seek renewal through the living and abiding Word of God?