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Pandemic Notice

With the loosening of pandemic restrictions, we've made the decision to transition back to in-person Sunday worship assemblies. These assemblies will be livestreamed. However, we won't be having our usual morning tea break and we're starting with fewer Bible classes for children. As the pandemic situation remains fluid, these arrangements may change at short notice. Please email or phone us for the latest information.

2021 theme: Knowing God

After our “Discipleship” theme in 2020, in 2021 we’ll focus on knowing God. According to Scripture, eternal life is knowing the Father and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17:3). As we cover various topics in our sermons, lessons, home Discovery Groups, and other activities, we trust the Holy Spirit will help us get to know God better. In doing so, our hope is that knowing God will be an everyday affair, not just on Sundays. Why not come and join us on this journey?


David Tabe
Mission & Benevolence Committee

Last year, even during the course of the pandemic, we continued to be involved in various overseas mission points including Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Papua New Guinea. We’re also involved in helping local benevolence efforts around Melbourne. In 2021, we’ve already provided aid to Christians in Andra Pradesh (India). We intend to continue helping other mission points including: Bago (Philippines); Sathupalli (India); Nias (Indonesia); and Lae (PNG). Talk to us and participate in missions!

Francis Hooi
Discovery Group coordinator

Home DGs meet in various locations on weekday evenings. Join us for fellowship, prayer, study, and encouragement.