Our Mission Statement

Belmore Road Church of Christ seeks to be a God-centred, Bible based family that provides a nurturing environment to share God’s truth in love. In Jesus and through his Spirit, we foster and encourage spiritual growth and understanding, offering friendship and help to those in need. We reach out to all people – especially those seeking truth, those in our local communities, and those in need. As we have come to know God’s love, we reach out and share his love with others.

Our Elders

Charles Hooi 

Charles & Swee Lan are originally from Malaysia. Married for over four decades, they have two children and four grandchildren. After years of working in manufacturing as a senior business executive, Charles retired and now devotes his time to family, church ministry, and woodworking. Swee is a homemaker who is active in women’s ministry.

Benny Tabalujan

Benny & Pauline have four children and have lived in Melbourne since 2003. Benny was previously a lawyer and keeps busy teaching business law part-time at the University of Melbourne, and preaching and teaching at church. Pauline is a homemaker, serves in women’s ministry – and is a fan of the Geelong footy team (go the Cats!).

David Tabe

David & Rhonda Tabe were teenage sweethearts who now have three children, a dog, and a gardening and landscaping business. Passionate fans of Richmond Tigers and Collingwood Magpies (what a combination), the Tabes have a heart for mission and helping the less privileged. Rhonda teaches at a local kindergarten and is a gifted teacher of children’s Bible classes while David leads our Mission Committee.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the ultimate source of authority and guide for everyday life. The Bible explains why and how we can have a close relationship with our almighty God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
We believe that God the Son came to earth in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. Born of a virgin, Jesus lived and served, died for our sins, was resurrected, and now reigns with the heavenly Father as king.

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus. Authentic faith for becoming a Christian is expressed through repentance, confessing Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and being immersed in baptism for forgiveness of sins.


We believe that Christians, as followers of Jesus, are called to be disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit. The local congregation plays an essential role in nurturing this life of discipleship.


We believe that, as a local expression of Christ's universal church, our congregation should reflect New Testament faith and practice wherever practicable. We pursue this with conviction and humility, seeking not to be another denomination but to be Christians only without claiming to be the only Christians.


We believe that Christians are to gather regularly to worship God and encourage one another. Like the early church, our Sunday gatherings include partaking the Lord’s Supper, praying, reading the Scriptures and hearing it proclaimed, acappella singing, giving offerings for kingdom work, sharing fellowship meals, and spurring one another to love and good deeds.


We believe that, in due time, Jesus will return to render final judgment on each person. Thus we look forward to the gathering of all God’s people in a new world where God’s kingdom will be manifested in all its fullness.


We believe that all of life is designed to bring us closer to God, giving him glory and bringing us joy. We invite you to join us in this journey. Amen.

Our Deacons

Sandy Bass


Sandy & Michelle are originally from the Philippines. After migrating to New Zealand. They moved to Melbourne with their son Scott. Sandy helps in leading songs on Sundays and also leads the Seniors ministry and Michelle also helps out in church gatherings and activities.

James Chan

James & Sarah Chan came to faith in God in Hongkong and China and now have two children. James worked in medical research in Australia & the US before moving to university administration. Sarah is a homemaker and diligent Bible student and teacher. Together, James & Sarah have dedicated themselves to serve as part of our Chinese ministry.

Francis Hooi

Francis & Christine Hooi were raised in Australia and are now parents of two children. Francis is a corporate manager while Christine has enjoyed stints in medical research and being a fulltime mum, and now works in a Christian school. Francis chairs our congregational meetings and coordinates our Discovery Groups – our small groups ministry.

Our Church History

The Belmore Road church traces its beginnings to 1968 when a group of Christians from the West Heidelberg Church of Christ rented the YMCA hall in Balwyn North to start a new congregation, the Balwyn Church of Christ. Later, a Presbyterian church building at the corner of Belmore Road and Rostrevor Parade (our current premises) was purchased for $22,000. On Sunday, 24 August 1969, the fledgling congregation had its first worship assembly in the new premises. With that came a new name: Belmore Road Church of Christ.

The subsequent decades brought many changes. Some were good, some were painful, some were challenging; each taught important lessons. Over time, membership grew and spiritual maturity developed. Signs of growth include the appointment of the first eldership in 2004 comprising Trevor Baker and Charles Hooi. In 2008, a Chinese ministry was started to reach out to the local Chinese community. Meanwhile, major building extensions occurred in 1976 (five classrooms for children’s Bible classes), 1992 (new auditorium), and 2009 (expanded auditorium, office, classrooms).

Over the years, Belmore Road’s elders have included: Trevor Baker, Charles Hooi, Steve Burgin, Ian Campbell and Benny Tabalujan. Ministers have included Jack Hardcastle, Peter Shea, Dave H. Roper, Greg Dunston, Ian McPherson, Trevor Baker, Ron Downey, Ray Davison, Marvin Ancell Jnr, Peter Randall, Peter Horne, and David Payne.

In addition, numerous other men and women of varying ages and backgrounds, have contributed to nurturing the congregation in faith, hope and love through service.

Today, Belmore Road is known as a friendly, committed group of believers. We’re a diverse group representing more than a dozen nationalities and cultures, united in Jesus, empowered by his Spirit, and intent on doing his will as best as we understand it. We invite you to join us in this journey and be part of God’s story.